Cuisine Without Borders: How Global Cuisine Restaurants Are Redefining Gastronomy

Cuisine Without Borders: How Global Cuisine Restaurants Are Redefining Gastronomy

Cuisine Without Borders: How Global Cuisine Restaurants Are Redefining Gastronomy

The science and art of food have continuously challenged global cuisine restaurants to redefine gastronomy with a splash of creativity and sustainability.

For centuries, people had been practicing standard and universal cooking approaches with a culturally bound plating and serving style. Today, fine dining restaurants like Cilantro’s are experimenting with gastronomy to deliver a next-level experience to their diners.  

  • Understanding Gastronomy 

Gastronomy is the relationship between selecting, preparing, and serving rich delicacies and palatable food in a unique style. Typically, it is grounded mostly in tradition, food, and culture. For decades and centuries, gastronomy in restaurants has proved to be the foundation for influencing people from all around the world.

Today, global restaurants are offering more than just different cuisines. From sourcing the right ingredient and spices to applying the country-centric cooking technique, global cuisine restaurants strive to deliver the right taste with a delightful experience.

Not only Indian but international chefs are recognizing the untapped market and lesser-known cuisines while setting up high-end restaurants in the country. For instance, as a newly opened Global cuisine restaurant in Ahmedabad, we strive to offer Chinese, Thai, Italian, Swiss, and Fusion; whilst presenting a classic range of cuisines for our connoisseurs.

How Global Cuisine Restaurants are Redefining Gastronomy?

  • 1.Choosing the right dishes

Global Cuisine Restaurants are refining their preferences towards choosing the cutlery for plating. It’s rightly said that the type of cutlery you choose is as important as its ingredients. They are primarily focusing on selecting the bowls, plates, spoons, and other cutleries that go well with the cuisines. From a detailed point of view -:

  • 2.Remember the Rule of Odd Numbers

Global cuisine restaurants continue to evolve in order to pace up with the gastronomical trends. They emphasize the rule of odd numbers to add an aesthetic impression to their plating pattern. The rule says that when you arrange elements on a plate, odd numbers– 3 or 5 elevate the feel of plating more than even numbers– 2 and 4. It breaks up the flat spaces and amps up the visual appeal of the food served.   

  • 3.Use a Variety of Shapes and Textures

Gone are the days when vegetables and fruits were chopped in one of its ways. Today, being the top-notch global cuisine restaurant in Gandhinagar, we too give unique shapes, and textures with a blend of shades and colors. For instance, serving grilled vegetables with diced veggies adds up an aesthetic allure to your dish. 

  • 4.Add Garnishes or Herbs

Global cuisine restaurants pay attention to every particular herb for perfect garnishing. Looking towards the evolution in Gastronomy, it strategically places fresh herbs to bring out the real flavor in a dish. At the same time, it adds an appealing visual to the food with edible garnishing. Slicing citrus fruits is trending in global cuisines as it adds natural color and contrasting texture to the dish. 

  • 5.Zero Waste Principle 

Apart from attracting guests and diners through impeccable aesthetics and plating, global restaurants often focus on the zero-waste principle. They often use every part of the ingredients, from root to stem, nose to tail, and peel to core. Primarily, such restaurants opt for sustainable serving style techniques and convert diners’ leftovers into mulch. They even train their staff to serve the correct portion sizes, use smaller plates, and look towards the management of proper storage and handling of food. 

  • 6.Availability of Produce 

Gastronomy is not just concerned with plating and serving. But also with the production and preparation of the meal. Today, global cuisine restaurants choose menus that are based on the availability of products to optimize the waste and serve natural seasonal food items to the guests. 

For instance, using sprigs of thyme or rosemary during the winter season to elevate the look of the platter and during summer, adding parsley and basil dishes to the menu because of their seasonal availability.

  • Conclusion

The Global Cuisine Restaurants are growing at a breakneck. From redefining gastronomy to choosing sustainable serving principles, they are striving to deliver alluring food, full of international flavors that speak about their respective culture and tradition.

To experience the breakthrough flavors and unmatched gastronomy of Global Cuisine Restaurants, book your table at Cilantro’s now.